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Many people have dreamed about selling their homemade foods but now even folks with modest culinary talent can earn cash from their kitchens. “Start & Run a Home-Based Food Business” is part business/career guide and part cookbook. It’s for anyone who has a kitchen and needs a simple, budget-wise way to create a full time job or add a second income. This book invites readers to help themselves create a better life; it’s the kind of manual which would have helped me when I began a home-based baking business.

“Start & Run a Home-Based Food Business” directly addresses the unique issues facing small home-based food production and helps the novice business person succeed. Sprinkled throughout the book are anecdotes and examples from my home and retail bakery experiences along with tips for saving time and money. The book details how to start and maintain a profitable, low-overhead business including:

Author’s background and qualifications:

After graduating college I began a social-services career; but a few years later I was unemployed, a single parent, and worried about the future. How could I make enough money to pay the rent and childcare? The bleak prospect of returning to a low-paying job was depressing so I consoled myself by baking. I made huge golden loaves of honey whole wheat bread, saucer-sized triple chocolate chip cookies, and flaky-fresh mouth-watering raspberry pies. With much trial and error I followed my heart and created a home kitchen business.

In less than two years I moved production into a retail shop and continued in business for many years. I later worked in restaurants as a baker and pastry chef and then in the corporate food world of research and development, first as a baker/chef developing new products and creating prototypes for a national snack food company, and then as a home economist developing and testing a new generation of ovens to compete in the rapid cook arena. I’m now baking in my kitchen again, reaping the benefits of a long and varied career.

When people learn that my business started from a home kitchen and (with no previous culinary or business training) I turned it into a successful venture, their questions begin: How can I do this, too? Where can I buy supplies and find customers? Do I really need to have a license and keep books? How do I know if I’m making money? I know the questions that need to be answered. I have the experience and technical expertise to help folks navigate the issues and problems that limit success, and I’m uniquely able to combine commercial experience with the realities of home baking.

This book is a compilation of everything I’ve learned in the past thirty years – the things I would like to have known when I was starting. It offers suggestions and alternatives, along with shortcuts and recipes, for approaching home production in a well-organized and professional manner. I’ve refined the process and can guide people so they, too, can make money in their kitchens.

“Start & Run a Home-Based Food Business” by Mimi Shotland Fix

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Start and Run a Home Based Food Business