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“The (Faux) Pastry Chef: How I Found My Baking Fix” is a story of re-invention, perseverance, and overcoming obstacles. It’s also an insider’s look at the commercial preparation of food. The book covers a ten year period when the author faced a series of challenges that forced her to find a new career and new self-concept. It’s the story of how Ms. Fix created Baking Fix and how she came to write “Start & Run a Home-Based Food Business” and “Home Baking for Profit.”

The narrative arc is a combination of concurrent stories – a pastry chef’s passion for baking, a glimpse behind the scenes in a variety of commercial kitchens, a look at the not-so-smart corporate world, the story of an injury and subsequent surgeries, and the venture into a second career. Intertwined with the personal issues of readjusting self-concept around a new, permanent disability, are numerous insider stories told in a unique, often hilarious tone.

“The (Faux) Pastry Chef” is an interesting mix of part personal tell-all memoir, and part food industry professional who deals with crazy systems and dysfunctional personalities. This memoir is a fresh perspective told in a blunt, passionate, funny, opinionated voice.

Although unforeseen events changed her career course, Ms. Fix was able to refine her skills, adjust to a disability, and create a new life for herself. This book is a heartfelt journey that will give encouragement and hope to everyone.

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The (Faux) Pastry Chef