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Testimonials - Home Business

At first I thought I shouldn’t spend the money on a consultation. But you have already saved me hundreds of dollars.

- Flora, home bakery, cake artist, 5 years


Bless you! With your guidance, I just landed my first major wholesale account and it’s major! Now I am confident that I’m able to pump out all this product without having to make any changes to my kitchen.

- Cindy, home bakery, 2 years


I truly appreciate your help and guidance in moving my ideas into reality. This consult was the single best step I’ve taken in starting my business. Thank you, again!

- Debbie K., home bakery, 1 year


Thank you for your insight, advice and feedback. Your ability to listen, understand my situation, and provide direction, has been outstanding. I finished my business plan, have a DBA, and with your suggestions I already found two large accounts waiting for my first delivery.

- Susan R., home bakery, 1 year


My mind is now going a million miles an hour!! Your suggestions have helped me see things in a whole new light. Many thanks!

- Lisa B., Lisa’s Cookie House, 6 years


Consulting Services

Baking Fix has thirty years of experience in home and commercial baking, and in operating both home-based businesses and retail store fronts. Our advice is based on experience and basic business principles. We have an excellent understanding of the type of baking you do and can suggest many ways to ease your schedule while increasing your profit.

Issues and answers depend upon a mixture of personal style, the economy, cultural trends, and the ability to untangle these often contradictory messages. Our job is to help you find solutions and options that match your vision. Sometimes this is an involved process, but often it’s simply finding one small piece to make it all fit comfortably together.

Our Services:

For new businesses:

We specialize in helping the new food entrepreneur create a profitable and enjoyable business experience. Starting a business can be time consuming, aggravating, and fraught with daily questions. We listen, discuss options, and make suggestions based on your personal needs, the kind of business you envision, and marketplace reality. We help with advice and feedback for all those startup issues – from making product decisions, to locating new business outlets, to getting your bookkeeping set up. Often, our clients simply need experienced feedback and reassurance about decisions they are making.

For existing businesses:

Interested in growing your business? Have a couple of irritating costly problems you’ve been avoiding? At a crossroad and need knowledgeable help? No matter how long you’ve been in business it always helps to receive experienced assistance and individualized responses to your unique situation.

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Please contact us for additional information. Add “Consulting” to the subject line. Include a brief note or description about your needs.

Basic rate – $95 per hour includes a follow-up email. You have the option to split your time into two shorter periods.

Please contact for other rates:

For more information contact

Testimonials - Retail

Your advice has come at the perfect time. Thank you! This past year I’ve felt like I was spiraling down with no clear path forward. I now have a clear vision of where I want to go and the steps to move me forward. Your follow-up email makes me feel that I’m not alone. I consider this to be the single best investment I’ve made for myself and my business.

- Margaret K., retail bakery, 3 years


I thoroughly appreciated your insight and suggestions especially that you gave me an important dose of reality, and did so in a constructive rather than dismissive way, not an easy task. You helped me see that my breads are too time intensive for me to succeed. Your suggestions for other products were phenomenal – easier, unique, more fun, and (most important of all) more profitable.

- John A., retail bakery, 2 years


I’m no longer confused and overwhelmed and I no longer wonder if my ideas will work. My only regret is that I didn’t talk with you sooner.

- Jason, began as home business, currently owns a retail bakery & sandwich shop, 4 years


Our session was without doubt the best money I ever spent. It’s actually saved me money. I strongly recommend an individual consult for anyone ready to take their business to the next level.

- Jon L., specialty food business, 15 years