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Sample menu and ideas for home-based businesses
Homemade goodness at its best

Cookies * Muffins * Sweetbreads * Brownies * Strudels
We specialize in all-natural, great-tasting, scratch-made baked goods


Available in small, medium, large

Cookie Trays & Tins, Brownie Trays, Dessert Trays Delicious and one of a kind, made to order just for you. See our variety list below for options.

Breakfast Baskets Customized assortment of muffins, coffeecakes, bundts, loaves, scones.

Holiday Fare Includes a seasonal variety of sweetbreads, cookie trays, mandelbrot, biscotti, honey cakes, Tennessee Whiskey Fruitcake, Sugar Plum Cake, and more.



We offer great-tasting, wholesome foods. Our healthier bakery choices are perfect for snacking and as deliciously thoughtful gifts for celebrations – whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or as a sweet thank you.

Healthier Breakfast and Snack Alternatives Muffins, sweetbreads, fruit strudels, oatmeal or peanut butter cookies, gingerbread, bars (granola, energy, or fruit bars), and granolas in peanut butter (“Best Breakfast” contest winner!) or maple almond. Not all baked goods are loaded with guilt!



Cookies and Biscotti in large or minis:
Almond Jewels - Chocolate Chip (Classic, Almond, or Peanut Butter) - Sugar Cookies - Poppy Hearts - Cinnamon Swirls - Butter Cookies  (colorful slices or cut-outs) - Purple Poppy People - Gingerbread - Ginger Crinkles - Oatmeal (Hearty Breakfast, Triple Chocolate, Classic Raisin) - Snickerdoodles - Peanut Butter - Chocolate Brownie - Whoopie Cookies - Mocha Almond Biscotti - Traditional Mandelbrot

Our famous sandwiched cookies steal the show – Varieties include chocolate, almond, peanut butter, or sugar cookies, all sandwiched with jams or buttercream and dipped in white or dark chocolate, then finished with sprinkles. Tasty and gorgeous!

Sweetbreads Muffins, loaves, bundts, and coffeecakes each come in varying sizes, flavors, and seasonal produce, when available: Poppyseed - Banana - Spicy Pumpkin - Hummingbird (banana, pineapple, coconut) - Harvest (uses seasonal produce) - Blueberry Almond - Raspberry Almond - Apple Crumb - Sour Cream Streusel - Date Nut - Gingerbread

Brownies and Bars thick, chewy, dense, and moist: Cappuccino Blondies - Chocolate Overdose - Chewy Chocolate Chip - Oatmeal Bars with seasonal fruit



Allergens We use no artificial ingredients or preservatives. However, if you or your recipients have food allergies, be aware that any products could contain traces of ingredients used in other products. We will work with you as best we can to meet your needs.

Availability Our menu offerings, available at various locations are sold year round. Some items change seasonally.

Ingredients We use fresh ingredients without chemicals or preservatives. We use real butter, pure extracts, and farm-fresh eggs right out of the shell. Many of our products are made with whole grains, honey, nuts, and real chocolate. Whenever possible we use organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Special orders If you’re interested in any products listed here, or you would like something custom made, let us know.

Vegan items are available upon request.

Wholesale requests We sell a selection of products to markets, delis, and cafes.


Our bakeshop is inspected and licensed